Today is the Mother of God

Today is the Mother of God
Today is the Mother of God

On August 15, we celebrate the Great Mother of God or Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – one of the biggest Christian holidays, celebrated by both Orthodox Christians and Catholics.

On this day, according to the Orthodox Church, the Mother of God leaves her earthly path and goes to heaven with her son. Mary died at the age of 64, according to the Gospels.

Her death is so light and blissful that it was more like a dream. That is why the church calls her peaceful resettlement in the eternal world "assumption".

Three days after the death of the Mother of God, Jesus Christ himself descends to earth, surrounded by angels and saints, to receive the soul of his mother.

Since the Virgin managed to pass blissfully into the villages of eternity, the holiday is known as the Great Virgin. We call the day Mary was born Little Virgin.

On August 15, solemn liturgies are held in all churches. Bread is consecrated, which the women then distribute for the he alth of the living and in memory of the dead.

On this day, family and clan gatherings are traditionally held, sacrifices are made for he alth and against misfortunes and diseases.

Tradition dictates that there should be warm pita, kneaded early in the morning, boiled wheat, chicken, corn and pumpkin on the table. Watermelon and grapes are a must.

Look for the holiday.

On this wonderful Christian holiday, name day is celebrated Maria, Marin, Marina, Mara, Mariana, Mariyan, Mariika, Marietta, Bogdan, Bogdana, Bojan, Bojana.

Happy Directory Day!

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