5 types of rude behavior on a plane that annoys others

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5 types of rude behavior on a plane that annoys others
5 types of rude behavior on a plane that annoys others

Rude, rude and inappropriate behavior is the worst thing that can happen to you when traveling by plane. However, such cases are not rare, unfortunately. People often think about their own comfort, neglecting that of other passengers, and thus make everyone's trip a living hell.

Some do it on purpose, others unknowingly. If you overdo the rudeness, you risk even being kicked off the plane. See what are the most horrible types of behavior we can encounter on board a plane or at the airport.

Verbal attacks

Rude comments, catcalls, taunts and even sexual innuendos – these offensive types of behavior are often subjected to the people responsible for the comfort and safety of passengers during a flight, namely the cabin crew. One of the most annoying and unpleasant things is having such a passenger on board who poisons the in-flight atmosphere with their bad manners.

Bumping seats

Anyone who has traveled long distances knows how terribly unpleasant it is to have someone kick your back. It's true that long flights are hard to bear. But this does not mean causing additional discomfort to the passenger in front of you. Remember that everyone is in the same position. Show understanding and delicacy. Don't rest your feet on the seat in front of you because you're pushing the person into it. This is probably one of the most annoying behaviors that many passengers have experienced on a plane.


Standing in airport queues and long transoceanic flights can be really nerve-wracking, but it's still good to keep your anger in check if you have a hot temper. Regular travelers get used to this environment, but for first-time or infrequent travelers, there is a risk of panic attacks or extreme nervousness that can get them into trouble. And for the surrounding passengers, it is certainly unpleasant and annoying to witness such sights.

You keep talking

Air travel can be really scary. Some people cope with their anxiety by talking constantly. In an Expedia survey, 77% of people cited constant chatter as the most annoying behavior on a plane. If you feel that the passenger next to you is not willing to respond to your questions or comments, it is better to end the conversation so as not to make everyone's journey boring.

You take off your shoes on the plane

In the same survey cited by rd.com, 78% of respondents cited bare feet and the smell of shoes wafting through the airplane cabin as the most unpleasant thing during a flight. Many bacteria live on a person's feet. In addition, takeoff and landing are the most risky moments of the flight, putting the he alth of passengers at risk from flying shoes in the event of an on-board situation.

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