Home bakery - pros and cons

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Home bakery - pros and cons
Home bakery - pros and cons

Washing machine, dishwasher, bakery - all appliances that make our lives easier and give us more free time. As one ad said, while they work, we rest. After the recently quieted debates about what kind of bread they sell us in the store and whether they really contain fiber and fiber, as it says on the label, probably more people have thought about buying a home bread maker. It's also a great gift idea for a birthday, name day or anniversary

We sought the opinion of GB, who has been using a home bread maker for several months, to tell us her pros and cons of the home bread machine.

"For" or "against" the home bakery

More pros than cons. In fact, it has only one minus – it takes up a lot of space in the kitchen, at least my bakery is a slightly bulkier model.

What are the advantages of home bakery

Even if I find myself without a "bowl" of bread at home, in an hour and a half I will have warm, delicious, fresh bread.

While the bakery is preparing the bread - kneading, rising and baking - I can do something else, even bake something else, because my oven is free. So the home bakery saves time.

I can program it from the evening so that in the morning I have ready, freshly baked bread waiting for me. She cooks while I sleep.

I make bread as I wish - whole grain or not, with or without seeds and spices. So easily and almost without risk I experiment with different flavors and types of bread.

What is the price of homemade bread vs bought bread

Sometimes it comes out a little more expensive than store-bought bread, but it is tastier and he althier.

Have you tried all programs

My machine has too many programs, including for rolls and baguettes, which I never use because it makes very little of them and it's not worth it. Better to knead them by hand and bake them.

I have a program to make jam and pasta, but I haven't tried them yet.

How often do you bake bread and when

In a day or two, on holidays or when we have guests - more often. Sometimes several times a day if we need more bread. Otherwise, one loaf of bread a day is enough for a family. I usually load the ingredients in the evening and have the bread ready in the morning for breakfast. If it happens to run out, I might make a new one after work, but I rarely have to.

What is your favorite recipe

I mostly make white and whole wheat bread, alternating between them. Once a week I experiment with more special recipes.

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