Cherry – the sour sweetness of summer

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Cherry – the sour sweetness of summer
Cherry – the sour sweetness of summer


Cherries are easy to grow and hardy trees. For the first time, the sour cherry is mentioned in the 4th century BC. in Western Europe.

Even if you don't like cherry trees, in the spring they are so beautiful in full bloom that you feel sorry to lose this beauty and cut off this charm.

In the summer they pile up with sour fruits and make a pleasant shade. In a word – a cherry tree is never superfluous in the yard.

The problem is with the many fruits that not everyone likes the taste and many remain unpicked and unused. But there is something for the birds!

But once people are informed about how many things cherries are good for, they start looking for them. They also contain strong antioxidants and are good for the heart. They protect against arthritis and gout. They reduce bad cholesterol. They protect against clogging of blood vessels and heart attacks.

They mainly contain fructose around 3-4%, glucose – 3-5%, a minimal amount of sucrose, therefore they are preferred in diets and by diabetics. They have a high amount of potassium.

In folk medicine they are also used against liver diseases, for the treatment of bile and kidneys, as well as for anemia. Cherries improve appetite, regulate metabolism.

Sour cherry juice is used for colds and as an expectorant. They help against insomnia.

When making potions and juices from sour cherries, the leaves and stalks of the fruit are also used, because they are also believed to be very useful.

For example, a decoction of fresh leaves is used as a hemostatic agent for nosebleeds. This is good to know, because many small children have weak capillaries and it often happens that their nose bleeds out of nowhere.

And once we have already convinced ourselves that even sour cherries are useful, even if we don't eat them alone, we can try different types of sweets - muffins, creams, cupcakes, cakes… the list is very long and temptingly delicious.

And of course, all kinds of sweets, syrups and jams that we can make for the winter. Depending on your family's consumption of such products, you can also make winter jam, so that you always have a jar of jam on hand when making pancakes.

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