Mixed pickle (and general tips)

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Mixed pickle (and general tips)
Mixed pickle (and general tips)


I am a young housewife, 21 years old, and as soon as I read about your contest, I was sure that I had to participate. For 2 years I have been making a pickle that everyone at home likes. I can't say how I know her, because as a young housewife I collect information from everywhere - magazines, newspapers, TV, internet, friends, mom, grandma, well, everywhere:) It's quite difficult to do something right the first time, and also to convince people that it's delicious. Well, I succeeded, and now I want to advise and help other young housewives, as they helped me. Here are the first things you need to know about a pickle.

Vegetables and fruits undergo preliminary preparation - cutting, piercing, scalding, baking, etc. When placing them in containers, they are stacked tightly to expel the air that spoils the pickles. Fermentation takes place in two stages - the first - violent fermentation, starts 3-4 days after the preparation of the pickle and lasts about 5 days. It requires a temperature of 18-23 degrees. The second stage - quiet fermentation, lasts 8-10 days and requires a lower temperature - from 10 to 12 degrees. The most suitable time for planting pickles is the end of October, and for cabbage - the second half of November.

Pickles should be stored in cool, ventilated and dark rooms at a temperature of about 10 degrees. Vegetables that have been removed and left out of the brine for more than 3 hours should not be returned to the container with the pickle or cabbage, they will introduce microorganisms that will spoil it.

And here is my recipe, I will call it a mixed pickle, since I have combined it from many places and made it in a version accessible to the average housewife.


4-5 kg green peppers

2-3 kg oblong green tomatoes

1 cabbage

1 head of cauliflower

1-2 kg small, young zucchini

1 kg young green beans

1-2 heads of celery with the leaves

2-3 sprigs of parsley

1-2 bunches dill

15-20 black peppercorns

750 g s alt

1 teaspoon citric acid or 2 lemons


Vegetables are washed and cleaned, do not soak in water. The stems of the peppers are cut low and the seed part is pierced in 1-2 places with a sewing needle. The tomatoes are also pierced in 2-3 places. Celery and cabbage are cut into slices, grated carrots and green beans are cut into pieces, cauliflower is cut into florets, and zucchini is left whole. Parsley roots are cut into circles, and celery and parsley leaves are cut into small pieces.

The prepared vegetables are mixed in a large container with the spices and arranged in the provided containers. They are poured with a hot solution prepared from the s alt and 15 liters of water. A bunch of fennel is placed on top. The vegetables are pressed with a plate on which a stone washed with boiling water is placed. So they are left permanently under the brine.

On the 21st day, the brine is drained and 150 g of s alt and citric acid are added and it is boiled. don't be afraid if you have helpers it's easy as child's play. Bon appetit.

The recipe participated in the contest "My Pickle"

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