3 ways to dry herbs

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3 ways to dry herbs
3 ways to dry herbs

Fresh herbs are a true gift from nature. But we can't always use them while they're fresh. If you grow herbs in your garden you know that using them while they are fresh is almost impossible, at least not in the full amount you have.

You have to dry them to keep them longer. Also, dried herbs have their own beneficial properties. We will describe 3 ways to dry herbs.

Air drying

Drying the herbs in air is the most common way, and also the best quality. As long as you have the time and space, this method is the most expedient.


How to do it?

  • Spread the pre-chopped herb leaves on a tray lined with cheesecloth or kitchen paper. Also cover with cheesecloth on top to protect against insects or other influences;
  • Place the herb tray in a place protected from wind and direct light;
  • Turn each petal every 12 hours. That way they will dry without getting moldy and moldy.
  • This method will take at least 2-3 days, maybe more. You will know if the herbs are completely dry if they become noticeably lighter and make a noise when lifted.

You can also use a method to dry large quantities of herbs. Forming them into a bundle and air drying them completely is also a common way that our grandmothers used.

  • Divide the herbs into bundles. Tie them by the handles so they don't fall apart;
  • Wrap a paper funnel around the entire bundle to protect the herbs from contamination, curling, insects or decay;
  • Hang the bundles upside down, but again in a place protected from sunlight;

It is important that the place where you dry them is not too warm, but not too cold either.

Quick drying - in the oven

Drying herbs in the oven is faster than the standard air drying method. However, great care must be taken not to burn the herbs, because this will not only change their taste, but also destroy their beneficial properties.


What should you do?

  • Tear the petals off the stems;
  • Place them in a baking tray;
  • Cover them with cheesecloth;
  • Start the oven at 40-50 degrees;
  • Dry the leaves for about half an hour, then carefully turn them over and dry for another half hour;

Turn off the oven, open the door and let the herbs cool as they are in the oven. After another hour, take them out.

Express drying - in the microwave

If you are in a big hurry to dry your herbs and this is an option. However, keep in mind that a microwave oven is primarily designed to work with water. That is, the heating of food in the microwave is done by heating the water molecules and transferring heat through them. If you over-dry your herbs, your herbs will be destroyed.

  • Separate the leaves from the stems;
  • Place them on a lined paper in the microwave, cover with a paper towel;
  • Run the microwave for 1-1 and ½ minutes. Keep a close eye on the herbs to stop immediately if you feel they start to spoil;
  • If the herbs are not completely dry after this, let them run for another 30 seconds.

This method is suitable for smaller amounts of herbs.

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