What cello and cooking have in common

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What cello and cooking have in common
What cello and cooking have in common


The author graduated from the National Academy of Music "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov". Works as an artist-orchestrator in the Sofia Philharmonic, he is a soloist of the Burgas and Ruse Philharmonic and the Romanian Craiova Philharmonic. Touring the world as part of Teodosii Spasov's "Heavenly Strings" project.

The great passion of the musician is cooking. He inherited his talent and recipes from his grandmother. Yoli likes to experiment and interpret in her own kitchen everything tasty, seen and heard. She is excited not only by the quality, but also by the look of home-cooked food.

Yolanta Delibozova - Yoli is the author of the most read culinary blog. Classical music is her love and profession, but she never stops surprising us with original and delicious recipes.

The cellist is not just an amateur, but a real master-cook. She developed her amazing skills all by herself and no one remains indifferent to the look of the dishes. Her recipe for good food is: “Cook with a smile, desire and imagination. Finally sprinkle a pinch of love and the dish becomes art.

Yoli has participated in BBC's daily shopping show 'Day is Beautiful', has written for Bravacasa magazine and currently has her own cookery show 'Ulissima' on Fox International Channels - 24 Kithcen and hosts the show 'Taste of music" in Studio 5.

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