The side effects of air conditioners

The side effects of air conditioners
The side effects of air conditioners

How do you keep warm or cool in winter and summer, at home or at work? Nowadays, there is almost no room that is not air-conditioned. The technological solution manages to cool or heat the room we are in to the desired temperature in just a few minutes.

We feel comfort but…. not for long. As convenient as they are to use, air conditioners pose serious risks to our he alth. Check out some of them.


Did you know that dehydration levels are higher in rooms that are air-conditioned? Usually this happens when the humidity in the room decreases and at the same time we are not hydrated enough.Also, this type of dehydration of the body is observed when the temperature is also too low, we feel more cold and have a reduced desire for drinks.

Headache from poor indoor air quality

Another side effect of air conditioners is the occurrence of headaches. It is very important to clean them regularly, but also to ventilate the premises often and well. Air stagnation is one of the most common reasons for the appearance of headaches, migraines,but do not forget that dehydration also suggests itself by the manifestation of these ailments.


Respiratory problems

Regular and prolonged sitting in air-conditioned rooms can aggravate or trigger respiratory problems. At increased risk are those people who already suffer from them. Dry or itchy eyes (dry eye syndrome may occur), dry throat, dry nose, difficulty breathing, even rhinitis, asthma and allergies.

This risk has been shown to be significantly reduced in naturally ventilated rooms that are well maintained of course.

Lack of power

Although the air conditioner cools us in the summer and warms us in the winter, it can be the cause of our lethargy. Research shows that people in air-conditioned buildings complain more about lethargy. In other words, the air conditioning may be to blame for your inexplicable laziness, lack of energy, sleepiness.

Dry and itchy skin

The condition called dry skin can be stubborn to treat and can occur in any season. You probably haven't thought about it, but air conditioning, combined with the low or high temperatures of the season, can make your skin drier and more itchy.

To reduce the risks of these ailments, clean air conditioners regularly and ventilate the rooms where they are located.

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