Why is strong nose blowing dangerous?

Why is strong nose blowing dangerous?
Why is strong nose blowing dangerous?

When your nose is blocked due to viral infection, allergy or any other reason, you would immediately blow it to free your breathing. A blocked nose is a very unpleasant condition that interferes with normal breathing, the sense of smell, and can cause dryness in the mouth due to breathing through it. That's why it's okay to blow it.

If you blow your nose too hard and harshly, however, problems can occur. Strong nose blowing has potential risks that should be avoided.

A study conducted by scientists at the University of Virginia, cited by he althdigest.com, shows that blowing the nose strongly increases the pressure in the blood vessels in the nasal mucosa, which can burst from the sudden change inthe pressure.

Rough and excessively strong blowing of the nose can also cause infections of the ears and even the sinuses. If you have a viral or bacterial infection, the nasal cavity can transmit the infection further in, especially if you blow your nose too hard.

Another possible complication from blowing your nose too hard can be bleeding. It occurs when the high pressure caused by strong nose blowing causes capillaries or blood vessels in the lining of the nose to burst.

In very rare cases, it is possible that strong nose blowing can also cause injury, rupture of brain aneurysms, writes Science Daily. The strong pressure of blowing the nose can greatly increase the tension on the blood vessel walls. With a hidden aneurysm, which the patient does not suspect, the risk is huge, because it can rupture and threaten life.

In patients with an established cerebral aneurysm doctors and specialists advise to avoid heavy physical training, overloading, which could increase the risk of rupture of the aneurysm, followed by hemorrhages, writes he althdigest.com.

No matter if you have a serious illness or a blood vessel condition, it is always a good idea to avoid blowing your nose too hard because it carries potential he alth risks. If your nose is very blocked, you must seek the opinion of a specialist, who will prescribe an adequate treatment to unblock the airways and extinguish the infection, if any.

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