A parable about solving problems

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A parable about solving problems
A parable about solving problems

How often have you run away from something? From the people around you, the noise, the everyday life, the monotony. We run when we want to be alone with ourselves, when we are looking for a solution to our problems.

Today we are sharing a story that will tell you where to look for solutions to the problems and difficulties you are facing. You can read more inspiring stories in our "Proverbs and Wisdom" column.

Parable about the solution of problems

A man was very tired of the noisy and hectic city, where, according to him, everyone and everything distracted him from introspection and meditation. Then the man decided to find some quiet and peaceful place.

He went to the forest where there were no people. But there he heard the music of the crickets. He decided to go deeper into the forest. But there the songs of the birds interfered with him and took him away from contact with the inner "I". In search of silence, the man went to a cave.

It was quiet there, but the sound of dripping water disturbed his peace again. Then you built a small house, with closed windows and soundproofing. But in the silence he heard "tick-tock…tick-tock." It was his watch.

The man angrily disassembled the accessory and threw it away. Then he sat down, took a deep breath, but this time he heard "thump-thump… thump-thump"… It was his heart.

Conclusion: The problems, and sometimes the solutions themselves, are not somewhere outside, but inside us. There we must look for the solutions to overcome them.

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