A parable about the choices we make

A parable about the choices we make
A parable about the choices we make

All of us have met at least one person in our life who was negative, always looking for a way to hinder our happiness and positive attitude. Generally speaking, people fall into two groups - those who believe they can and others who choose to think negatively. Thoughts are our choices.

Today in our column "Proverbs and Wisdom" we share an instructive story that will remind us of the power of thoughts.

It was winter and the snow was softly falling outside. Quietly, calmly and beautifully, the snowflakes slowly descended and seemed to dance their winter dance. Two little snowflakes attached themselves to each other and started talking:

– What an amazing feeling to fly! – said one.

– We don't fly, we just fall. - replied the other snowflake sadly.

– Soon we will meet the earth and turn into a white fluffy blanket! - replied the positive snowflake.

– No, we will meet death because we fall to the ground. - replied the other.

– We will turn into streams and head for the sea. This is how we will exist forever! – said the first snowflake.

– No, we will melt and disappear forever. - objected the second one.

Finally their argument ended because they broke up.

Conclusion: Each of us makes our own choices about how to develop our lives.

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