The story of Princess Diana, told in the first person

The story of Princess Diana, told in the first person
The story of Princess Diana, told in the first person

When the book “Diana. Her True Story “was first published in 1992, it forever changed the way the public perceived the Princess of Wales. Initially met with doubt and ridicule, the hit biography became a unique literary classic not only because of its sensational content, but also because of Diana's personal involvement in the process of writing it.

On the eve of the 21st anniversary of the serious accident, after which the world said goodbye to the beloved princess forever, "Enthusiast" publishing house published for the first time in Bulgarian "Diana. Her True First Person Story'. In this revised and expanded edition of the book, journalist and author Andrew Morton presents all-new material from the princess's interview audiotapes, as well as material from her personal archive, and recalls Diana's testament. They offer a different perspective on Diana's experiences and are a remarkable chronicle of her life at the Palace.


Morton only revealed the truth about his work with her in 1997, immediately after her tragic death. Their extraordinary collaborative process allows Diana to describe her life in the first person.

Never before the publication has a member of the royal family of such magnitude spoken so harshly and directly - about his parents and the trauma of their separation, about his "relationship" with the paparazzi, for the first time, in who tells Charles "I love you" and he replies coldly "Whatever love means", about his unhappy marriage, about Camilla, about his relationship with the Queen and the rest of the family, about his beloved sons, about his illness, about your hopes, your fears and your dreams.

If in the first part of the book readers have the opportunity to touch the words of the princess, unadulterated and painfully frank, in the second they discover a different view of the Diana phenomenon. There, in his unadulterated style, Andrew Morton dissects the legend's life and tells her story as it really is.

“This book is unprecedented in the history of royal journalism,” says editor Andrew Neal. And after the reading, the Queen's former press secretary Dickie Arbiter declared that "if Diana had been born in the Middle Ages, she would have been beheaded".

The Sunday Times described the book as "incredible", "full of insight into Diana's life… Personal, heartfelt and shocking in places". A "Daily Telegraph" wrote: "A frank, compelling and slightly frightening portrait of the 'last icon of the twentieth century'".

An icon in life and a legend in death, Diana continues to inspire admiration even 21 years after that terrifying night in Paris. She's gone, but she's certainly not forgotten.

“Diana. Her First Person True Story' is the closest we could get to an autobiography of the 'people's princess'.

About the author


Andrew Morton is one of the most famous biographers in the world, especially when it comes to contemporary stars and roy alty. The sensational 1992 release “Diana. Her True Story', written with the secret assistance of the Princess of Wales, reveals for the first time her conflicted life behind the Palace walls. After him, Morton wrote several more hit biographies: of Monica Lewinsky, Madonna, the Beckham family, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. He is the winner of numerous awards and divides his time between London and Los Angeles. “Diana. Her True Story in the First Person' is a revised and updated edition of the first biography of the princess, supplemented by exclusive material from her personal archive.

Diana. Her True First Person Story

Andrew Morton

Release Date: August 28, 2018

Translation from English: Nikolina Tenekejieva

Cover adaptation: Bilyana Slavkova

ISBN: 978-619-164-283-0

Volume: 352 p. + 16 p. color car

Cover: Paperback

Format: 16.5 x 23.5 cm

Price: BGN 25

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