What are the "Secrets of the Caves" - in "STORIES ON AIR" on May 15

What are the "Secrets of the Caves" - in "STORIES ON AIR" on May 15
What are the "Secrets of the Caves" - in "STORIES ON AIR" on May 15

Darkness, coolness and dampness. Labyrinths of rock corridors passing through small and large halls. Underground rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Beautifully sculpted natural formations, awe-inspiring. And all this combined with a certain amount of fear and mystery. Thus, caves attract adventure lovers. The extraordinary experience and adrenaline are often the reason why people look for like-minded people, return to the mysterious place again, make attempts to realize even the most fantastic ideas or solve a great ancient mystery.

The viewers of will be able to immerse themselves in this mystical and in a special way captivating human senses world with the new edition of the program "Stories ON AIR" with host Miglena Georgieva, which will be broadcast on a new day and time. Secrets of the Caves will captivate audiences on the small screen this Sunday, May 15, at 6:00 PM, for an inspiring send-off of already past week and awakening enthusiasm for all that is yet to come.

At the center of the unfolding story in the upcoming edition of the show are two film operators and an art critic, united by their love for nature, who, carried away by their passion for their hobby, realize their project "Light and Cult". Initially, the idea of Krasimir Andonov, Alex Samundji and Ognyan Stoyanov was to make a photographic series. However, after entering the depths of the mysterious caves and their experiences there, they are provoked to shoot a film about the trapezoidal rock niches - a great and extremely ancient mystery in our lands, for which no one knows why they were made, no one understands how they were made, nor who made them.

So adventurers head to the Eastern Rhodopes, where trapezoidal rock niches are usually located in high and inaccessible places. The group's idea is to use light to try to understand more about the mystery of the trapezoidal niches. The ultimate goal is to discover together something that cannot be seen at first glance. Archaeologists and mineralogists join their team as volunteers.

“We have reached the most inaccessible rocks. We used the latest technology to capture the rocks. We made discoveries that excited us," adventurers Krasimir Andonov, Alex Samundji and Ognyan Stoyanov reveal to the "Stories ON AIR" camera.

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