5 he althy reasons to drink more tea

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5 he althy reasons to drink more tea
5 he althy reasons to drink more tea

Video: 5 he althy reasons to drink more tea

Video: 5 he althy reasons to drink more tea
Video: 5 REASON'S TO DRINK MORE TEA 2023, October

As long as we have the desire and conscious motive to strive for a he althier way of life, there are many ways to achieve it. Where do we begin if not with the food and beverages we consume? They are the main engine of our organism and to a large extent the proper functioning of all vital functions depends on what we consume.

Tea is one of those useful means to improve our he alth. bring various he alth benefits to the body. Therefore, it is good to drink tea more often and, if possible, to choose a variety of teas in order to benefit from their wonderful properties.

What are the main reasons to drink tea more often?

Helps with inflammation in the body

Tea is one of the best sources of dietary flavonoids, which are natural plant antioxidants that fight inflammation in the body. For this reason, teas are very important for the condition of the heart, bones, soft tissues, joints, blood vessels. Green tea specifically has the ability to protect arteries from plaque buildup that hardens their walls and limits their capabilities.

Lower cholesterol

Consumption of tea regularly helps reduce bad cholesterol levels and slows down natural aging. These two benefits teas owe to the rich amount of important antioxidants in their composition. A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association shows that tea improves cardiovascular he alth by reducing cholesterol plaques. It also has a positive effect on blood pressure values.

Tea stimulates stem cells

Whether you prefer black or green tea, drinking both helps to increase the number of stem cells in the bloodstream, which improves circulation and supplies all tissues with important substances. In this way, an overall good body shape is maintained, especially as we age.

Tea makes gut microbiome he althier

Drinking tea can contribute to strengthening the he alth of the intestines, which depends largely on the state of beneficial bacteria in them. The flavonoids in teas increase the number of beneficial intestinal bacteria and reduce the number of harmful ones, thus protecting the he alth of the body.

Moisturize the body

Teas are a wonderful way to hydrate your body. In addition to water, it is good to have he althy drinks without added sugars. Teas are suitable for this purpose, which, in addition to hydration, provide the body with help in the implementation of cardiovascular function, slow down aging, and suppress inflammation.