4 steps to a sugar detox

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4 steps to a sugar detox
4 steps to a sugar detox

If there is something in our daily life that does not provide us with useful nutrients, but harms our he alth, it is sugar. Added to drinks, sweets, sauces, sugar does serious damage in the long run. That is why it is important to try to minimize its consumption, and if we can completely exclude it from our menu - even better.

There is a way to improve our overall he alth by starting a sugar detox. It sounds complicated, it makes us fear that we will never eat a delicious cake again. But remember, there are great desserts that aren't made with refined sugar.

How to start a sugar detox today? Start by making sweets no longer your comfort against stress, start exercising, and here are some more easy steps to follow.


Hydrate yourself well

This means getting enough fresh water. Water is a powerful detoxifier as it helps the kidneys and colon to eliminate excesses from the body. Also, undergoing a sugar detox will require you to eliminate canned juices, sodas, and energy drinks from your diet, freeing up more room for water.

Protein and fat are essential

Consuming sugary products causes the body to spike and crash in blood sugar, leaving you feeling energized, but soon afterwards you are sluggish, hungry and even more irritable. The first few days of a sugar detox can be difficult. To break this harmful cycle, add to your menu he althy sources of protein and fat, such as beans, fish, lean meat, eggs, yogurt, raw nuts. They will provide you with energy and satiety as they are digested more slowly. They also help with weight loss.

Eat the colors of the rainbow

Another important step for a sugar detox is to focus on eating colorful foods. Eating brightly colored fruits and vegetables will provide you with important antioxidants and phytonutrients that help keep your body he althy, skin glowing, and eyes strong. For example, delicious berries can trick your hunger for something sweet.

Choose he althy sugar substitutes over artificial sweeteners

Sugar detox does not prevent you from preparing he althy desserts, replacing regular sugar with ingredients that are good for he alth. Some of the most suitable ones are:

Stevia - no calories, 200 times sweeter than sugar, suitable for diet.

Dates without added sugar (or other naturally dried fruits) - extremely tasty, sweet and useful, rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. You can use them to make energy raw candies.

– quality maple syrup is also suitable for diet, and its consumption strengthens immunity, supports heart he alth.

– if good quality is also a good substitute for refined sugar.

Why is sugar detox important? Because it improves our attitude towards the quality of our nutrition in general, our skin improves, we have more energy, we lose weight, we maintain he althy blood sugar levels, our digestion and the condition of our teeth improves.

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