Which vitamins and minerals should be taken with food

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Which vitamins and minerals should be taken with food
Which vitamins and minerals should be taken with food

We know that vitamins and minerals help us to be in good he alth. We obtain the important nutritional elements through the food we eat every day, but also by taking food supplements enriched with them, according to the needs of our body. While there are some that don't necessarily need to be taken with food, some vitamins and minerals require it. See which, in addition to fish oil, are recommended to be consumed with he althy foods.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the most important for the he alth of the skin, eyes, and immunity. It is called a fat-soluble vitamin, which suggests that not only should it be taken with food, but it is good if it is rich in he althy fats, such as fish, avocados, nuts, meat.


The important mineral that reduces the risk of anemia is best absorbed by the body when taken on an empty stomach. But if you can't take supplements on an empty stomach because of discomfort, you can also add food.

Here it is very important to consider its type, because some foods can prevent its absorption. When taking iron, avoid it with a dish with spinach, caffeine, leafy vegetables, dairy products. You can eat something that is rich in vitamin C, which helps its absorption.

Vitamin D

The vitamin is synthesized in our body when we are often exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, we know that it is good to take it as a food supplement, since it would be difficult to provide it with only foods that contain it. Vitamin D supplements should be taken with food, preferably with the largest meal of the day, which is rich in he althy fats because it is also fat soluble.

Vitamin E

Antioxidant, your skin's friend that can protect your body from tissue-damaging molecules called free radicals. This vitamin is fat-soluble, so taking it with a he althy snack, such as a handful of nuts, will aid absorption.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is important for bone he alth and blood coagulation. If you take nutritional supplements that are fortified with calcium, it is best to take them with foods that are not so fatty.


Many supplements that contain calcium are also combined with fat-soluble vitamin D, which helps absorb the mineral. That is why it should also be taken with meals.

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