Invitation to a children's workshop from Sofia Architecture Week 2013

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Invitation to a children's workshop from Sofia Architecture Week 2013
Invitation to a children's workshop from Sofia Architecture Week 2013

The Sofia Architecture Week 2013 team is looking for architects and people with an interest in the urban environment, who are willing and able to propose a concept for the workshop " Back to School", in format for two age groups. The aim of the project is to draw children's attention to architecture by showing them that it can be interesting and fun.

For those wishing to join the initiative, the theme of the children's workshops must be linked to the theme of Sofia Architecture Week 2013 - "City of the Future", as well as to the urban environment of Plovdiv. Proposals for the Back to School concept should target two age groups - 7-11 years and 12-18 years

The "Back to School" workshop will be held for the third year in a row as part of Sofia Architecture Week, on November 26 and 28, 2013 at the House of Culture, Plovdiv. In 2012, the event met some of the most active Bulgarian architects with students from different areas of Sofia. In two consecutive weeks, they worked together on practical tasks related to the theme of last year's edition of the festival - Cultural Infrastructure.

Projects with proposals can be sent to [email protected] until November 8, 2013. The projects will be selected by the festival team in a short time. Fee and materials budget will be specified with submitted projects.

The results of the workshops will be presented in the form of an exhibition within the Plovdiv festival.

This year's SAW program for children includes four workshops - House of the Future Process, Eco Graffiti for the City of the Future, My City of the Future - DSK Bank workshop.

The program is part of the cultural calendar of Plovdiv, a candidate for European Capital of Culture 2019. The general partners of the children's program are Barney and DSK Bank.

About Sofia Architecture Week 2013 Forum (30.11-1.12) Participants in the professional forum, which will be held on 30.11 and 1.12, are Unstudio - one of the largest architecture studios in the Netherlands, with projects all over the world and an office in Shanghai; Amin Taha Architects from Great Britain, who won the project for Metro Stop 20 in Sofia; the Spaniards On-A, who are known for projects in transport architecture and parametric design; extremely interesting with low-budget and practical public projects resembling art installations - Mjolk Architects from the Czech Republic. The Norwegians from Atelier Oslo have a 7-year history and 7 first prizes in international competitions, including a project for the central library in Oslo.

At SAW13 they will present their installation and give a lecture. We also expect a strong presentation from the Austrian Michael Zinganel, whose book on resort social architecture in Bulgaria and Croatia was published in 2013. The two Hungarian studios are SporaArchitects and ZSK Architects. This is the entrance part of the program, and for it the organizers have put together special promotional packages for students, including overnight stays and a ticket to the forum. The packages are now available, and the ticket price for students is BGN 25, with a regular ticket of BGN 40.

Parallel program in Sofia

Along with the main program in Plovdiv, the sixth edition of SAW also offers a parallel program in Sofia, as well as a preliminary program of workshops. The festival will ask the questions and look for the solutions of the city of the future. This is the big theme of the 2013 festival. In its discussion, the true and often misunderstood values in the sustainable construction of cities will be sought, with the aim being to rediscover and reuse the forgotten and exhausted urban landscapes inherited from the industrial revolution and modernism.

The preliminary program includes University Workshop (19-20.10), Arch-hackathlon (18-20.10) together with Architectural Studio AWARE, Bulgaria, and a children's workshop for two age groups - "Back to School". The parallel program in Sofia will take place at the opening of the traveling exhibition "Contemporary Norwegian Architecture", Volume 7 /Norway/ on November 21 at the SAMSI Museum and at the "2003-2013 In and Out of Context" Exhibition of I/O Architects /Bulgaria/.

EVA MADSHUS, senior curator at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Norway, will open the exhibition in Sofia and will give a lecture on November 23 in Plovdiv, as part of the main program. As part of the program in Sofia on November 16, there will be a discussion about the competition Stop number 20 and a lecture by an architectural studio from Belgium

SAW 2013 panels

The theme of the festival "City of the Future" will be developed by the speakers, presentations and exhibitions, in three panels - REDUCE, REUSE RECYCLE VOL.2, ANALOG / DIGITAL and WHAT'S NEXT? The first focuses on the different alternative concepts for the more efficient use of tangible and intangible resources in the city. ANALOG / DIGITAL seeks a balance between the wisdom of human construction and the potential in the application of the latest technologies in architecture and urbanism. discusses how the construction of cities is a product of millennial tradition and culture, as well as of technologies that appeared within 'only' the last 50-100 years. The third panel will look at cities that have enough political courage to take the first step towards realizing bold urban concepts and new models for city development. In addition to the international forum, presentations will be made by three leading Bulgarian architectural studios - OBIA, MESHROOM and Studio 8? (Plovdiv)

SAW 2013 locations

The central location of Sofia Architecture Week 2013 is the House of Culture, and we will see part of the exhibitions and workshops in the iconic KINO KOSMOS. For its main program, SAW will also use HHG TEMPORARY EXHIBITIONS, HHG ENCHO PIRONKOV, SOCIETY OF PLOVDIV ARTISTS, MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, GALLERY RAIKO ALEKSIEV, and the Norwegian exhibition in the parallel program in Sofia will be located in the SAMSI Museum.

About Sofia Architecture Week

Sofia Architecture Week (November 22 - December 1) is an annual international architecture festival, the sixth edition of which this year will be held for the first time in Plovdiv. Started as a two-day conference in September 2008, it grew into a week-long platform for meeting and exchanging ideas in the fields of architecture, interior, landscape and urban environment. The main goal of the event is to initiate sustainable architectural and social practices through a broad public and professional debate. The rich and varied program includes presentations, exhibitions, discussions, workshops, screenings and interventions in the urban environment, as well as creative workshops for the little ones. Every year, Sofia Architecture Week presents trends in contemporary architecture with a focus on a specific theme – in 2013 it is "City of the Future".

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