Waking up without coffee - is it possible?

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Waking up without coffee - is it possible?
Waking up without coffee - is it possible?

Until recently I thought it was impossible to start the day without coffee. And be awake and ready for life's challenges.

I'm still not entirely convinced, but there are still periods when we have to start our day without coffee. And the most unpleasant thing is when we are used to morning coffee and have to stop it for he alth reasons or due to pregnancy.

Fortunately, small doses of caffeine have been proven to be harmless during pregnancy.

And when we cannot afford this fragrant drink, we must look for substitutes, which are by no means more useful. Who are they?

Decaffeinated coffee

First is decaffeinated coffee. In fact, despite the name, it also contains caffeine, but in smaller doses. If we're used to waking up with a regular coffee, we'll just need two decaffeinated ones.

Fizzy drinks

All carbonated soft drinks. We're used to drinking Coke to wake up, but even orange sodas contain some amount of caffeine. Therefore, if you allow your children soda, it should only be during the day.

Energy drinks

Their name is no accident and it is no accident that they contain large doses of caffeine. It may not always be of coffee origin, it is often guarana, but our awakening is certain.


There is caffeine in every chocolate. Sweet and expected. A chocolate for breakfast and it launches us on the track of the day.


It is the default. We usually consume it in chocolate, but we must keep in mind that milk with cocoa is not for falling asleep, but for waking up.

Ice cream

Cocoa, chocolatey, coffee flavored.

The varieties can be many, but usually there is some caffeine content in each of them. If instead of one hundred grams we eat 300 grams after lunch, it's as if we drank an afternoon coffee.

Black tea

There are different varieties and we have to find the one we like and of course target the dose because black tea can be even much stronger than coffee. And much more bitter.

Green tea

Green tea is the most beneficial of all the listed suggestions so far.

If we are forbidden to drink coffee for medical reasons, for example due to stomach problems, then most likely the other suggestions for awakening should also be on the forbidden list.

The computer and it has some property until a certain moment to keep you awake.

Therefore, the alternatives must also be truly decaffeinated:

  • Running to wake up.
  • Jogging in the park.
  • Exercises
  • Ice or contrast shower.

Well, they are definitely not as pleasant as a cup of aromatic coffee and chocolate, but we can rest assured that they are useful.

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