10 unusual uses for coffee filters

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10 unusual uses for coffee filters
10 unusual uses for coffee filters

Many objects and tools in the household have more uses than their primary purpose. Coffee filters are among them. They can be used in many different ways in everyday life, cleaning and maintaining various objects.

What else can we use coffee filters for?

For cleaning glasses, glasses

Don't have a clean tissue for your glasses? Use a coffee filter. It is made of special paper that absorbs dirt, is soft enough not to damage the glass and coating, and leaves no marks.

You can also clean windows and mirrors with the same success.

For covering food in the microwave, oven, refrigerator

If you don't have a free lid for the purpose, use a coffee filter. You can also use it when the microwave is on to protect its walls from getting dirty.

For filtering cork crumbs from wine

Break the cork while opening a bottle of wine? Strain the liquid through a coffee filter.

Instead of an ice cream handle

Kids want ice cream on a stick, but you know they're going to get the whole house married while eating it? If you are outside, they will probably get their clothes dirty. With the help of a coffee filter, this will not happen. Just make a hole in the middle and stick the toothpick through it. This way, the melted ice cream will flow into the filter and not on the clothes and the floor.

To prevent soil leakage

Lovers of flowers and houseplants know how easily soil drains from pots when watering. To prevent this, line the pot with a coffee filter before placing soil in it. The filter does not interfere with the normal drainage of water and is made of organic material.

Make Air Freshener

Fill a coffee filter with baking soda. Tie it with a rubber band, dental floss or string. Put it in the fridge, in smelly shoes or in a closet - anywhere bad smells can appear.

For greasing pans and trays

Some recipes require good greasing of baking and frying pans. If you have nothing else suitable for the purpose nearby, use a coffee filter. It does not leave paper fibers and traces, it is difficult to decompose at high temperature and does not leave a bad smell.

As a safeguard for expensive service stations

Do you have expensive and beautiful Chinese porcelain? You only use it for special occasions and you don't want it to get damaged in the cupboard in storage. Then use coffee filters to separate each plate and cup. This will protect it from scratches, sticking and fraying.

To absorb excess fat

If you don't currently have kitchen paper on which to arrange the cakes, meatballs, kebabs or whatever you have prepared that needs draining, use coffee filters. Their paper is tight and firm enough to absorb excess grease without falling apart and sticking to the food.

To remove nail polish

If you've run out of cotton swabs but your nail polish is in terrible shape, use coffee filters. Tear one filter into smaller pieces. Soak them in nail polish remover and remove the polish easily.

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