Oolong tea (oolong) and its benefits in weight loss

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Oolong tea (oolong) and its benefits in weight loss
Oolong tea (oolong) and its benefits in weight loss

Oolong or oolong tea is an exotic drink from China that has wonderful properties and is very useful for he alth. It is intended to be drunk without additives and sweeteners, as this is how the body absorbs a large part of its useful substances.

The Chinese believe that oolong tea helps in losing weight and maintaining a he althy weight. This tea is used in Chinese folk medicine because of its proven rich presence of antioxidants, polyphenols, amino acids, flavonoids, which together have wonderful benefits.

Speeds up metabolism and increases energy expenditure

The more calories we burn per day, the faster we see results from diet and exercise. Thus, we improve our chances of reducing the waist circumference. Oolong helps to lose weight because it accelerates fat melting.

Helps with hepatic steatosis

Fatty liver, or steatosis according to medical terminology, is a condition that is unfortunately very common and not only in obese people. Most often, it is due to impaired fat metabolism, causing the appearance of fatty areas of the liver tissue, caused by the deposition of triglycerides in it. This hampers the work of this important body.

Consumption of oolong tea helps reduce triglyceride levels, cholesterol and improves lipid profile. Fortunately, steatosis is a reversible problem that can be reduced with the help of a proper diet and tea made from this wonderful herb.

Stimulates the absorption of useful fats

Oolong tea not only accelerates the process of burning fat in the body, but also improves the absorption of useful and necessary fatty acids. This makes their use in the cells more qualitative. During an experiment, Japanese scientists discovered that people who regularly drink oolong tea have an accelerated excretion of cholesterol and triglyceride cells in their feces, unlike those who do not drink this drink.

This makes scientists believe that oolong has the property of controlling lipids in the body and their absorption.

Reduces stress and has anti-inflammatory properties

Polyphenols in oolong tea have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. With oxidative stress in the body, caused by free radicals and high levels of stress hormones, as a result of which inflammation in the tissues increases, there is obesity.

A vicious cycle of accumulating excess body fat results, in some cases even despite efforts to eat he althy.

Oolong tea manages to bring order to this chaos, reduce stress levels in the body, suppress inflammation and fight free radicals. Reducing these two serious factors associated with obesity significantly improves metabolism.

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