6 of the best herbs for women's he alth

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6 of the best herbs for women's he alth
6 of the best herbs for women's he alth

Herbs are a gift of nature that has been used for therapeutic purposes for millennia. Today, we add a large part of them to our meals, take them in the form of tea. Each herb is unique and has its own benefits (but also contraindications) for he alth.

We share with you 6 herbs for women's he alth. It is important to consult a specialist before taking them.


In folk medicine, the roots, leaves and flowers of chamomile are used, which are rich in essential oils, vitamins, organic acids and hormone-like substances. Chamomile decoction is recommended for inflammation, inhibition of the development of viral and fungal infections, cleaning and healing of wounds and has a hemostatic, astringent, diaphoretic effect, for rinsing the external genital organs.

Also, the decoction of the herb has a beneficial effect on reducing blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, improving sleep quality.

Red Clover

Red clover contains phytoestrogens. Its intake helps to reduce the symptoms of menopause, when the female body drastically reduces the synthesis of estrogen. The herb is also cited as a natural remedy for infertility.


This is an herb that abounds in vitamins and biologically active substances. It helps to improve the hormonal balance in women, relieves discomfort during the monthly cycle and premenstrual syndrome.


We use oregano in culinary recipes without imagining how useful it is for women's he alth. It helps to restore the hormonal balance and reduce the discomforts associated with menopause.

Oregano decoction has a beneficial effect on insomnia, irritability and a tendency to various neuroses and depression.


A herb that has a rich chemical composition. Tsariche contains catechins, vitamin C, tannins, lipids, flavonoids, vitamin C, as well as many minerals. It is believed to stimulate lactation and also lower cholesterol, normalize metabolism, helping with obesity.

Shepherd Pouch

The main therapeutic effect of shepherd's purse is determined by the presence of vitamin K in it, which has a hemostatic effect. The herb also contains tannins and flavonoids.

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