How does the combination of protein and fiber accelerate weight loss?

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How does the combination of protein and fiber accelerate weight loss?
How does the combination of protein and fiber accelerate weight loss?

Following a structured diet combining protein and fiber as the main element gives extremely good results in he althy weight loss. Protein and fiber can make you feel less hungry, have more energy, and burn calories and fat faster. In this way, you don't have to starve and torture yourself to achieve the cherished figure. Understanding the function of protein and fiber in combination can help you achieve your desired weight management.


are obtained through meat, fish, meat products, eggs, dairy products, seafood, legumes, cereals. Proteins promote satiety for longer, unlike carbohydrates. Proteins, as the main component in the diet, increase thermogenesis, that is, the production of heat in the body, thus accelerating the metabolism.

Adding more protein to your diet ensures that you will lose weight, mostly from fat rather than muscle mass, because protein consumption will build up the lost muscle.


Although fiber is not digested, it plays an extremely essential role in promoting digestion, improving and accelerating bowel movements and nourishing the microflora in them. One of the important effects of fiber consumption is satiety, which lasts longer. They do not add a particularly large amount of calories to the diet, it can even be said that they represent an insignificant part of the caloric intake.

To neutralize one of the side effects of fiber consumption - gas formation, consume fiber-rich foods with plenty of water. This will help the digestive tract process them.

Low glycemic index carbohydrates

Combining protein and fiber with low glycemic index carbohydrates is a recipe for success. This will help you to increase your satiety but also to reduce your weight. The complete exclusion of the entire group of macronutrients carbohydrates can be harmful to the body in the long run. They are necessary and involved in a number of functions and mechanisms in the body. So don't demonize them and don't give them up, but consume them, but wisely. Low glycemic index fruits and vegetables are a wonderful choice to make not only for weight control and weight loss, but also for the prevention of diabetes and insulin resistance.

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