Moon diet for March

Moon diet for March
Moon diet for March

In the first days of March we will witness the new moon. It will be in the sign of Pisces and we will expect it on March 2. This is the first phase of the Moon of the lunar diet calendar, which we will not miss in the first month of spring. The Lunar Diet is a regime with the help of which we can restart our body for the spring, after the long winter in which we have consumed more meat, pasta and sugar products, pickles, alcohol. Each lunar phase of the diet lasts 24 hours. During this time, only water, herbal teas, soft drinks are consumed. Honey, sweeteners, dairy and solid foods are not allowed.

The lunar diet helps us to eliminate some of the retained excess fluids, toxins, so it is possible to have a slight headache. Providing adequate fluids will reduce the risk of dehydration. If you have not followed this regimen before or it is more difficult for you, you can allow yourself to eat a tomato, 1-2 more sugary fruits.

What is done after the corresponding phase of the Moon has passed?

It's very tempting to gorge on your favorite foods, but this can lead to eating disorders, regaining the water weight you've lost. If you are planning a spring change in your diet, start eating gradually, adding yogurt, salads, fruits, light homemade soups, fish to your menu.

Limit the consumption of sausages, sugar products, white bread, pasta snacks. So, when the next phase of the lunar diet comes around, it will be easier for you to follow it, but you will also feel more energetic.

The lunar diet is not a suitable regime for pregnant and lactating women or people with he alth problems for whom such unloading days are contraindicated.

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