Symbolic meaning of the peacock in the home according to feng shui

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Symbolic meaning of the peacock in the home according to feng shui
Symbolic meaning of the peacock in the home according to feng shui

Fungshui is an ancient Eastern art that you can use to improve the energy in your home and in your life. With the right arrangement techniques and selection of elements, colors, decorations with symbolic meaning, you can help the Chi energy flow freely through the space you inhabit and help you live in harmony, happiness and prosperity.

Many people mistakenly think that it only comes down to arranging the furniture in the home. This art goes far beyond the simple arrangement of things in space. Feng Shui has a deep connection with nature and the desire to live in harmony with the natural world around us. And as part of it are animals, plants, natural phenomena and elements.

The peacock has a powerful symbolic meaning in feng shui. You can use it to enhance the energy in your home in creative and beautiful ways.

What is the symbolic meaning of the peacock in feng shui?

The peacock is a beautiful bird that in feng shui symbolizes beauty and dignity. Its connection with beauty is obvious. It is one of the most colorful and majestic birds that has an undoubted ability to impress visually. The attitude towards the peacock in feng shui comes from the fact that its feathers were given to Chinese emperors as a gift of honor. That is, they are considered a symbol of success, we alth and importance.

The peacock is also associated with wisdom and compassion. The elegant bird with a majestic bearing is associated with the phoenix in feng shui, which is one of the four celestial animals associated with the direction south. This direction is associated with fame, success, good reputation and prosperity, according to

How to use the peacock symbol in your home?

There are many ways to incorporate the peacock into your home in a magnificent way so that it helps you channel the energy within it. Beautiful peacock artwork is one of the most appropriate ways to add this iconic sign to your home. You can find it on textiles, in the form of figurines, paintings, objects and other works of art.

You can use peacock feathers placed in a deep vase at the south end of your home. You can also attach them to the wall instead of a picture.

Activate the fire element in the home

The peacock is associated with the fire element along the lines of the phoenix. Fire is one of the five elements in feng shui and is associated with passion, forward movement, new beginnings, creation and success. The combination of peacock and fire symbols and colors brings success in the home, especially if they are placed in the southern part of the home.

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