Why are we thirsty after eating something sweet

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Why are we thirsty after eating something sweet
Why are we thirsty after eating something sweet

Thirst is a sign of mild or moderate dehydration. It can also appear after eating s alty, spicy foods, after training, on hot summer days, during profuse sweating, overwork or physical activity. Very often thirst appears instantly after eating something sweet

The sweeter it is, the greater the desire to drink a glass of cold water. Science has its explanation.

Why do you feel thirsty when you eat something sweet?

Sugar affects the body in many ways, both physical and psycho-emotional. From the moment it enters the body, sugar immediately begins to affect the oral cavity. Some of the simple sugars begin to break down in the saliva, turning into glucose, which causes a very rapid spike in blood sugar levels.

After the onset of sugar in the body, the small intestine begins to release enzymes necessary for the breakdown of glucose. Once in the blood, glucose makes its way to every tissue, muscle and cell in the body thanks to enzymes. Sugars also affect the nervous system and brain function.

After reaching the brain tissue, sugar triggers the secretion of happiness hormones - dopamine and serotonin. This stimulates the reward centers in the brain, which improves mood but also leads to addiction. This is also one of the reasons why you crave sweets even more after you have eaten a little.

Why is it important to stay hydrated after eating something sweet?

Our body needs a balance between sugar and water in the tissues. According to a study published in Indiana Public Media, cited by he althdigest.com, as glucose travels to tissues through the blood, it pulls water molecules from them. Cells try to retain water because they need it. Signals reach the brain that there is a lack of fluids in the body, which provokes a feeling of thirst.

According to scientists cited by Medical News Today, if we are in a mild form of dehydration, consuming sweets can exacerbate thirst even more. The more sugar we eat, the more thirsty we become because the cells in the body work harder to deal with it. In an attempt to rid the body of excess glucose, more urine is produced. This leads to further dehydration and a desire to drink water.

If you eat something sweet, don't be surprised that you drink water. Drink more water to compensate for fluid loss and to make it easier for your body to process sugars.

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