10 Reasons Dandelion Potion Is Super Helpful

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10 Reasons Dandelion Potion Is Super Helpful
10 Reasons Dandelion Potion Is Super Helpful

Dandelion is a weed to most people. A plant that is blown away by the wind. However, it is much more. Dandelion is an herb that has incredible he alth benefits for the body.

Dandelion decoction has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine precisely because of its beneficial properties. It is believed that the roots of the plant promote the purification of the body, the liver, the bile, have a beneficial effect on the joints and bones.

Herbalists believe that dandelion decoction helps improve kidney function and ease the digestive tract.

Dandelion contains the alkaloid luteolin, which gives the great benefits of this plant.

What does dandelion tea help with?

1. Detoxifies the liver. Dandelion decoction allows the liver to get rid of accumulated toxins more easily and regenerate its functional cells.

2. Detoxifies the kidneys. Dandelion decoction has a diuretic effect, which helps remove excess fluids from the body and facilitate kidney function.

3. Stimulates blood circulation. Dandelion provokes blood circulation and helps to better supply oxygen and nutrients to organs and systems.


4. It works against cancer. Dandelion decoction is full of antioxidants, fighting free radicals and neutralizing their carcinogenic effects.

5. Relieves skin problems. This decoction is very useful for acne, skin inflammations, infections, irritations.

6. Weight loss and digestion. Dandelion suppresses appetite, accelerates cellular metabolism and helps in weight loss.

7. Increases immunity. Thanks to the antioxidants, dandelion decoction stimulates immunity and makes the body resistant to infections and bacteria.

8. Cleanses the urinary tract. We are familiar with the properties of cranberry in terms of cleansing the urinary tract. Dandelion decoction, however, works just as well.

9. Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. According to research, dandelion decoction has the properties to reduce cholesterol levels and reduce the formation of plaques on the vessels.

10. For he althy bones and joints. Dandelion is extremely rich in vitamin K, which is important for bone and joint he alth.

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