Hawthorn for he althy nerves and heart problems

Hawthorn for he althy nerves and heart problems
Hawthorn for he althy nerves and heart problems

The combination “ mint, hawthorn and valerian” is a mantra for restless souls. You are nervous - "mint, hawthorn and valerian". Can't Sleep - 'Mint, Hawthorn and Valerian'…

some of us may never have seen these plants live - only in syrup or tablet form.

Let's start with the hawthorn, now is the season.

Common hawthorn has a long and complicated Latin name, like all Latin names – Crataegus laevigata, Rosaceae. Not much on the subject, but I saw an old pharmacy cabinet for sale in an antique store - wonderfully preserved and on each drawer - an elaborate Latin name. Very attractive for a non-standard kitchen. So whenever you want to shine with more knowledge - score on some Latin name or phrase - it always works. That and cabinets with complex names too.

For those who don't know hawthorn (no matter how much you think it follows valerian, no, then I'll post something about dogwoods too) so that when we walk in the forest we can distinguish them.

You walk along the path and you see a cute bush, almost a tree, with something small and red. You try it if you're braver and brrr, super tasteless. You have found hawthorn.

Tasteless, but very useful. Pick up a tea bag.

The hawthorn may also look like a low bush, but it sometimes reaches impressive dimensions of over 10 m. The bad thing is that its branches are modified thorns.

Hawthorn is in one of the first places in the catalogs of herbalists. It contains all sorts of beneficial ingredients like flavonoids, tannins, triterpene carbonic acids and other complex names. Most people don't care about that at all, they care exactly what they are good for and how to be he althy.

According to herbalists, hawthorn heals many things, namely the most important:

Maybe we should put cardiovascular problems first, reduce the risk of arrhythmia, improve the heart's ability to pump blood, treat palpitations, stabilize blood pressure.

We have already said about insomnia, nervousness.

Perhaps it would be good to write a recipe for healer Petar Dimkov. Search the libraries for his three volumes of advice and you will learn far more and interesting things.

But here is a useful infusion recommended for heart problems:

2 tbsp - hawthorn berries

1 glass of brandy

They are mixed in some suitable container - glass. Always with such herbal infusions, it is good to have a glass vessel and the glass to be darker. Leave in the dark for 1 week, then strain through cheesecloth. Take 20 drops dissolved in water before meals.

And if you are a tea lover, just as the cold weather season begins, you can make an infusion of hawthorn. 3 tablespoons of dried hawthorn are brewed in 500 ml of water, left for 20 minutes and your tea for the day is ready. If you drink such tea daily for a month, you can expect an improvement in the cardiovascular system. But you know the rule – you drink prophylactically so you don't have to expect miracles later when things get totally bad. Humans are usually wired backwards. We don't think about our he alth until we lose it and then we look for a panacea.

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