How desserts can be useful

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How desserts can be useful
How desserts can be useful

Delicious chocolate cake,melba with topping and kisses, donuts with cream and what not. Everyone loves desserts, and most often we think of them when we have to limit their intake. Should we be pissed off when we break the rules of a diet food plan by eating a piece of our favorite dessert? No, and the following lines will prove to you why.

Desserts are rich in nutrients

There are many and varied diets. Some of them exclude the intake of carbohydrate foods. By following such diets, we are depriving our body of carbohydrates that our body needs.

While desserts with more calories are not the best example of carbohydrates we can give our body, there are other he althy foods we can indulge in your diet.

These are dark chocolate, pumpkin pie, in which you can also put oats, honey. A small bite of these treats will provide you with the vitamins, fiber and antioxidants you need.

Desserts make us happier

It really is! Think about it, every time you eat a small piece of your favorite dessert, even if only for a short time, you feel a sense of happiness. According to research, foods that are naturally high in carbohydrates help the body release biochemicals that help with overall emotional well-being. Eating a small amount of dessert can help control weight.


An appetite for sweets is one of the most common reasons for breaking the diet

Scientific nutritionists claim that people who eat he althily, exercise and occasionally allow themselves to eat their favorite dessert, have a greater success rate in shedding extra pounds.

Choosing to stop eating sweets in hopes of losing weight almost always leads to overeating and overconsumption of treats.

Desserts are a good opportunity to include more fruits in your diet

If you're craving chocolate, melt one with a high cocoa content in a water bath. Wash some strawberries, slice an apple and enjoy every bite. However, remember that if you want to lose extra pounds or maintain your figure, you should not overdo it.

Desserts help overcome stress while dieting

When we diet, in addition to being more tense, we often lack energy. A sudden reduction in carbohydrate and sugar intake deprives your body of the sugar it needs to produce energy.

So if fruits containing more sugar don't help you to be energetic, eat 1-2 bars of dark chocolate.

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