Foods prohibited during breastfeeding

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Foods prohibited during breastfeeding
Foods prohibited during breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the period when a mother passes important nutrients to her baby through breast milk. Not only nutrients are important, through breast milk, irreplaceable elements are transmitted that build the baby's immune system and help its normal growth.

That is why it is important what the nursing mother consumes. He althy food is paramount.

Harmful foods should be completely excluded, but there are also some products that are generally considered useful, but in the breastfeeding period turn out to be not recommended. Who are they?


Coffee has its positive features – it is very rich in antioxidants that are useful in fighting aging and tumor growth.

But during breastfeeding, caffeine intake should be significantly reduced. It affects adults quickly by invigorating and charging them with an instant burst of energy. This action may be harmful to the baby.

There is a danger that caffeine will cause irritation, insomnia, anxiety in the baby.


Dark chocolate is considered beneficial in certain small amounts again because of the antioxidants it contains as well as the beneficial fatty acids. But it also contains a considerable amount of caffeine, so it is included in the list of prohibited foods during breastfeeding.


Some compounds in citrus fruits, as well as in their juices, can irritate the not yet well-developed lining of the baby's abdominal wall. Therefore, their consumption is not recommended during the breastfeeding period.

This can lead to nervousness, even rashes on the baby's skin. To add some vitamin C to your baby's diet, replace these fruits with papaya or mango.


Broccoli, as well as cauliflower along with other vegetables from this family, are usually potential causes of gas in the intestines. This, of course, can be transferred to the baby as well.

A gassy baby means constant crying, irritation, pain and colic with the baby's fragile stomach. Do not take these foods while breastfeeding.


Garlic is extremely useful in so many aspects, but during breastfeeding it should be left in the background.

We know that the smell of garlic is very sharp and strong. When consuming this otherwise useful vegetable, there is a danger that the breast milk will be saturated with its aroma. This causes irritation and nervousness in the baby. It may refuse to eat.

Dairy products

It is quite a common myth that nursing mothers should consume more cow's milk and dairy products while breastfeeding in order to provide their baby with more calcium and protein. This is absolutely wrong!

Dairy products contain many allergens that are transmitted to the baby through breast milk. Protein allergies can develop and progress to other problems.

Your milk is enough!


The same goes for eggs. Ram eggs are hidden in many ready-made products - bread, biscuits, sweets. If you eat extra eggs, it can overload your breast milk with more protein, causing problems for the baby.


Fish is good. She can't just cause gas, colic or nervousness. But the mercury in it is potentially dangerous to young babies, so fish should be consumed with caution or stopped altogether.

There are some types of fish that contain huge amounts of mercury and should be totally excluded. These are shark, swordfish, mackerel, turbot.


It is from the mint family and together with it is not recommended during breastfeeding. It can reduce the amount of breast milk, which complicates the normal feeding of the baby.

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