How to improve your memory as you age

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How to improve your memory as you age
How to improve your memory as you age

Aging is a natural process. We pay attention to how our skin, hair, body changes, but we forget about the brain. Changes in memory are also part of aging. According to Western scientists, there is a way of traveling through life to enjoy a good memory at any age. Pleasant social contacts, meditation, a break from technology are just some of the small things. Check out 7 more ways to improve your memory as you age.

1. Listen to music

According to western studies, listening to music can help improve our memory as we age. Scientists believe that music activates areas of the brain that affect memory and other aspects of cognition. Listening to good music not only retrieves past memories, but also creates new ones. And it's even better if we can play a musical instrument.

2. Fun Math

You don't have to be good at math to train your brain with fun puzzles like Sudoku. You can count in your head, trying to remember combinations of numbers every day. All this stimulates the brain and keeps the memory in good shape.

3. The taste buds game

Another way to make your memory better is through food. We know it's important to eat slowly, to enjoy every bite, to challenge all our receptors. Next time you eat something you love, try to recognize all the ingredients.

4. Exercise regularly

Physical activity is essential to improve our ability to withstand the neurological damage of aging that contributes to memory loss.

In addition, physical exercise improves blood circulation to the brain, providing it with oxygen and nutrients.

5. Use your non-dominant hand

Switching hands in everyday tasks can help stimulate the brain and improve memory, scientists believe. For example, if you are more active with your right hand, try to use your left hand when brushing your teeth or doing something else that is easy so that you don't injure yourself. As you challenge yourself, brain activity is constantly increasing.

6. Read books

Reading books remains one of the best ways to train our memory at any age. And if you're tired and think that's the reason why you don't read, there are audiobooks.

7. Try new things, create new habits

When we develop a new habit, we 'force' our brain to think differently, to use different neurotransmitters and neurons to improve overall brain function. A new hobby is a great start.

Last but not least, consume brain-he althy foods and drinks. You can see some good examples here.

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