Can fat really turn into muscle?

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Can fat really turn into muscle?
Can fat really turn into muscle?

If you've been trying to lose weight and you've started working out in the hope that it will help you, you've probably heard the myth that fat can turn into muscle. Unfortunately, things are not as simple as this erroneous statement sounds. Many people hope that when they just start working out, the accumulated fat will transform into muscle mass and everything will be fine. You won't have to follow hateful and exhausting diets.

It sounds tempting, but the truth is quite different. According to WebMD, muscle is much denser than fat. One kilogram of muscle mass is a smaller and more compact mass than one kilogram of fat tissue. That is, muscle takes up much less space in the body than fat for the same unit of weight. In addition, muscle has a much better blood supply than fat, which helps burn more calories at rest. The more developed and tight your muscles are, the more calories they burn at rest.

Can body fat turn into muscle and vice versa? Unfortunately, no

These are two completely different types of fabrics. But there's one universal truth about both muscle and fat, and that's that you can gain and burn fat just as much as you can build and lose muscle, according to

Turning one fabric into the other is not impossible, however. However, you can adopt different ways to burn more fat and reduce the total amount of body fat without losing muscle mass. You can even stimulate and develop it. This will not only help you lose weight, but also tighten and shape your figure. You'll look slimmer and slimmer even if you don't weigh much less.

How to burn more fat and build muscle mass?

Diet is one of the things that comes first in this complex and difficult process. To achieve both things at the same time, you need to have both goals in parallel, that is, you need to calculate your caloric turnover very well. There is no magic number of calories that is universal for every person. It all depends on how much you eat, what you eat, what level of physical activity you have. There are many online calorie calculators. With their help, you can orient yourself approximately.

The universal recipe for weight loss is a calorie deficit. You will need it to rid your body of fat. At the same time, however, your menu will have to be structured by more protein, less fat (but only he althy) and carbohydrates. Together with fiber, they are the main macronutrients that the body needs for all its processes. Avoid fasting and long periods without eating for fear of exceeding your daily calorie intake. This will slow down your metabolism, and may even cause he alth problems. Eat he althy and balanced, and move more.

To build and stimulate your muscle mass, incorporate more strength training and weight training. Among the most important basic exercises that are effective and should be present in any workout to increase muscle strength and endurance are squats, deadlifts, push-ups, push-ups. All of these exercises are high intensity for the muscles and engage all major muscle groups at the same time. The more large muscles are worked during exercise, the more calories are burned and the muscles are developed.

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