Good sleep reduces the risk of prostate cancer

Good sleep reduces the risk of prostate cancer
Good sleep reduces the risk of prostate cancer

To be a person in good he alth, it is good to listen to the advice of specialists. He should eat he althy, exercise and get enough hours of sleep. According to experts, insufficient hours of sleep increase the risk of prostate cancer. In the evening and during sleep, a person's body releases melatonin Scientists associate the release of this hormone with the fact that when it is released properly by the body, the risk of prostate cancer is reduced by up to 75 %.

Melatonin plays a key role in regulating the sleep-wake cycle as well as many other body functions related to the circadian clock. Low levels of melatonin usually suggest sleep disorders that can be caused by stress, excessive fatigue, a he alth problem, etc.n.

928 Icelandic men were observed. They had to share about their sleep patterns and also had their melatonin levels tested. Some of them shared that they were also taking medication for sleep problems and their hormone levels were significantly lower.

Over a seven-year period, 111 of the men were diagnosed with prostate cancer, including 24 with advanced disease. Men with higher melatonin levels are 75 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer.

The results of the tests were presented at a conference of the American Association for Prostate Cancer Research in San Diego. This type of cancer often develops aggressively and can be fatal. Scientists say that poor sleep and other factors can affect the amount of melatonin released.

Despite these results, research on the relationship between sleep disturbances and duration and melatonin levels on prostate cancer risk will continue in the future. Specialists advise men to pay attention to their he alth and spend at least eight hours of sleep in order to recover properly.

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