Signs that you are drinking too much coffee

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Signs that you are drinking too much coffee
Signs that you are drinking too much coffee

Coffee lovers will not be satisfied with the following lines, but it is still important to consider whether they are actually overdoing their favorite drink!

There are certain signs that you've had too much coffee and it's time to cut back! Who are they?

Feeling stressed

Anxiety and tension can be caused by coffee abuse. Caffeine acts most strongly on the nervous system. When it is abused, it interferes with sleep, interferes with concentration, as well as cheerfulness. You can help yourself by practicing breathing exercises borrowed from yoga every time you drink coffee.


Acidic compounds in coffee irritate the stomach lining. That's why if you drink too many coffees a day and on an empty stomach, your stomach will start to hurt.


European scientists during research found that certain compounds in coffee provoke the stomach lining to produce even more acid. They eat away at the stomach and cause lesions that pose a risk of ulcers.

Too much coffee per day can also cause acid reflux.

Rapid pulse

normally it is between 70 and 90 beats per minute. If you feel a rapid pulse and arrhythmia, they may be dictated by your next cup of coffee for the day. In some more severe cases, these symptoms may be accompanied by dizziness and nausea.


Since coffee acts as a purgative, its excessive amount during the day can provoke diarrhea. Caffeine can seriously affect the amount and function of good gut bacteria.


The most common symptom of drinking too much coffee or too late in the day is insomnia. Insomnia is often manifested in coffee lovers, who, however, rarely give it much importance. Over time, insomnia becomes a big problem.


For the effect of caffeine to be neutralized, 14 hours must pass after drinking it. Only in this way it will not affect your body and nervous system in terms of cheerfulness and sleep.

Having a headache

A moderate amount of caffeine does not make headaches worse, on the contrary. Even some headache medications contain caffeine.

But nothing is good in large quantities, so this also applies to coffee. Caffeine build-up is also due to drinking sodas, energy drinks, teas along with the few cups of coffee you have throughout the day.

If you consume more than 500 mg of caffeine daily or the relative equivalent of 5 cups of coffee, don't wonder why you have a headache!

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