The mistakes we all make when making tea

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The mistakes we all make when making tea
The mistakes we all make when making tea

How to make tea? Everyone will answer you: "Well, it's simple - you boil the water and dip the tea bag in it until it colors the water."

Yes, but no. It turns out that making tea is not so simple. What are the mistakes we all make and how to properly brew tea to get maximum he alth benefits?

Mistake 1 – Using the wrong water

If you pour yourself drinking water, which would you prefer - the one from the tap or the filtered water from the purification jug (if you have one)? Of course the answer is refined. That's why it's good to use the same filtered water when brewing tea. Many of us pour water from the tap without thinking.

Mistake 2 – Making the tea bag bounce in the water

Everyone makes this common mistake unknowingly. While waiting for the package to "release" we dip it in and out of the water several times. This interrupts the process of boiling and saturating the water with the beneficial substances of the herbs. Leave the tea in the water for about 10 minutes. That way it will taste the best.

Mistake 3 – Burning the leaves

Read the directions carefully on every tea bag you buy. They describe in detail at what temperature the respective herbs are brewed. Different sheets require different heat treatment. If you don't want to damage their qualities, watch the temperature at which you cook them.

Mistake 4 – Neglecting the water-to-leaf ratio

For the tea to be useful, it is necessary to consider the ratio of water to the amount of herbs. The water should not be too much, because the active substances of the herbs will be diluted, nor too little, because it will saturate the liquid. And this carries risks of side effects, yet herbs are not harmless in large quantities.

Mistake 5 – Reheating the water

When you boil water for tea, you push out the oxygen dissolved in it. It evaporates and so the water you drink becomes poorer in oxygen. Repeated heating of the same water reduces even more the oxygen dissolved in it, which totally changes the taste and qualities of the water, along with those of the tea.

Mistake 6 – Not keeping the correct time

The time you brew your tea is of great importance. It depends on him how saturated the potion will be. Watch the clock and don't let the herbs steep for more than 10 minutes in boiling water off the heat.

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