7 important he alth benefits of Ceylon tea

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7 important he alth benefits of Ceylon tea
7 important he alth benefits of Ceylon tea

The name of Ceylon tea comes from Ceylon – the name of Sri Lanka until 1972. The climatic conditions in the country are very suitable for the cultivation of this type of tea, which is available in three variants - black, white, green.

Ceylon black tea has a mild, pleasant taste reminiscent of citrus fruits. Green is spicier, more flavorful, and has a higher antioxidant content. White Ceylon tea is the most expensive because it is processed entirely by hand and requires a lot of sun.

What do all three types of Ceylon tea help with? What are its he alth benefits?

Weight Loss

One of the best things about Ceylon tea is its ability to boost metabolism, making it a great tool for those struggling with weight.

Boosts Immunity

Ceylon tea helps the immune system work well thanks to the antioxidants in it. They reduce oxidative stress affecting immunity.

Supports heart he alth

Ceylon tea contains very good amounts of potassium, which is a crucial factor for heart he alth. Potassium helps relax tension in the heart and blood vessel walls, lowers blood pressure and maintains he althy cholesterol levels.

Increases energy

Ceylon tea contains caffeine, which has an invigorating effect. Through tea, the body receives a he althy dose of caffeine along with beneficial minerals and antioxidants.

Take care of the skin

The antioxidants in Ceylon tea have the ability to neutralize collagen loss. In addition, they fight free radicals that cause oxidative stress to the skin and its aging. Ceylon tea prevents early appearance of wrinkles and fights inflammation in the skin.

Helps with kidney stones

Drinking Ceylon tea regularly is associated with a reduced risk of kidney stones. The beneficial effect is due to the antioxidants and substances that balance the pH in the body.

Regulates blood sugar

Ceylon tea is very good for controlling diabetes because it has the property of reducing blood glucose levels.

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