5 Unhe althy Work Habits That Are Harming You

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5 Unhe althy Work Habits That Are Harming You
5 Unhe althy Work Habits That Are Harming You

Everyone has their own habits. The different types of daily working life and specifics of individual professions also determine our habits. However, some of them are extremely unhe althy and can significantly worsen our he alth.

What are the most harmful work habits to avoid?

Long working hours

If you can't cope with work and have to stay outside of work hours to finish, or if you work for yourself and everything depends on you, you often have to work overtime. Working long hours harms he alth, increases stress levels and stress hormones in the body. In addition, long hours of work without enough time to rest reduces productivity and lowers the success rate at work. So you're actually doing just the opposite - instead of getting it done, you're more likely to make serious mistakes and slow down the results.

You rarely go on vacation

If you leave your vacation for next year, and the next year you do the same and keep postponing your vacation, this affects your he alth and psyche extremely badly. Productivity drops, stress rises. In the long term, this means a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the nervous system, risk of cancer and early death, hormonal disturbances.

Eat at your desk

Sitting at your desk is bad for your he alth, even more so if you even eat in that position. Lack of movement, including walking to the place of eating, is extremely harmful to the whole body, especially to blood circulation and digestion. Also, mindlessly eating while doing something else makes it more likely that you'll consume more calories than you need.

You rarely take breaks during the day

In order to be he althier and to help your body in the hard work that immobility at the desk implies, you should take at least a few breaks a day for a few minutes. Get up and walk around for a while to get your circulation going and stimulate the body's secretion of serotonin, the happy hormone. Immobility has detrimental effects on the body at all levels.

Sending emails after hours

One of the worst work practices is sending work emails outside of working hours. This significantly reduces productivity and the completion of tasks and commitments on time. If you're sending important emails after hours, this can be a hindrance to getting all your projects done on time.

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