8 things you won't miss from pregnancy

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8 things you won't miss from pregnancy
8 things you won't miss from pregnancy

There are many things you will miss after pregnancy, such as cute baby clothes, baby's first kicks in the belly, shiny hair, excitement and anticipation - all unforgettable moments that leave a precious memory in every mother's heart.

But there are also things that you will not only not miss, but also pray that your pregnancy will end faster because of them! Unfortunately, you won't get away with most of them, but that's life!

Stomach acids

Extremely unpleasant, but many women endure strong and bitter heartburn during their pregnancy. As the baby grows in the mother's belly, the stomach squeezes and massive acids flood the esophagus. Sometimes even he althy foods cause heartburn, unfortunately.

Peeing all night long

The pressure on the bladder from the weight of the abdomen causes these uncomfortable constant urges to go to the toilet in a short interval of time.

The mask of pregnancy

The strange and inexplicable pigmentation of the face during pregnancy, called the Mask of Pregnancy, befalls many women. It's nothing special or scary, but it's annoying as it leaves dark circles around the eyes. You don't feel like wearing makeup at this point anyway, and now this!


Sometimes nothing is able to cause nausea, sometimes you abhor meals or foods that you otherwise love very much. Sudden bouts of nausea are an unpleasant memory for a large number of pregnant women. Experiment with flavors, try new things!

No stomach sleeping

During the first half of pregnancy, sleeping on your stomach is as bearable as possible, but during the second, it is impossible! Cramping of the back, difficult turning to the side is so exhausting, you can't sleep, numbness in the limbs and spine disturbs your sleep. Eh, if only you could lie on your stomach like the good old days!

Sudden Exhaustion

Exhaustion to the limit is very characteristic of advanced pregnancy. During the third trimester of pregnancy, you literally fall asleep while sitting in the chair - real narcolepsy!


You can't urinate often, how about this! During pregnancy very often the bowels become lazier and work a little slower. The pressure of the abdomen and all these hormones relax the smooth muscles of the intestines and seem to stop their work.

Big ass

Surely no woman will miss the balls she has accumulated on her ass. It's hard to lose weight anyway, and when fat accumulates in certain places, it's a disaster!

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