7 herbs that help with high fever

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7 herbs that help with high fever
7 herbs that help with high fever

During colds and flu it is recommended to drink warm teas with honey, lemon and cinnamon, consume garlic and inhale, which help unclog the airways. There are several herbs that not only help boost the immune system, but also work effectively against high temperature. Check out what they are.


reducing the temperature and also helps in the fight against colds and flu. It reduces stress and helps you have a restful sleep. When buying herbs, choose ones that are of high quality, especially if the herbal tea will be drunk by children. Herbs should be saturated with aromas and flavors. You can prepare lemon balm in the form of a hot drink or as an inhalation.

White yarrow

This is one of the most commonly used herbs during colds and flu to reduce fever. It stimulates sweating, reduces high fever and helps remove toxins from the body. Make a tea from the herb by combining it with a small amount of ginger.


Catnip, also known as catnip, is another natural fever reducer. It helps to reduce stomach discomfort and ensures restful sleep. You can prepare it in the form of tea, to which you can add a little fresh lemon juice.


The root of the aromatic spice also belongs to the family of herbs that relieve high temperature, as it stimulates sweating. Improves peripheral blood circulation and can be combined with other beneficial herbs or added to soups and dishes.

Black Elderflowers

Black elderberry flowers quickly eliminate toxins in the blood, induce sweating, help bring down high fever and reduce inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose and throat. You can prepare them in the form of tea.


in almost all combination teas. It is extremely effective for colds and flu. It has natural antiviral, antimicrobial properties and also strengthens the immune system. Reduces high fever, pain and inflammation.


Mint reduces high fever and has other properties that can be very helpful. It can treat gastrointestinal disorders, help reduce anxiety, and help you have restful sleep. You can consume it in the form of tea or make inhalations with it.

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