What can ruin a perfect date?

What can ruin a perfect date?
What can ruin a perfect date?

Do you know that pleasant feeling of excitement and anticipation before a meeting with your loved one or a long-awaited women's evening? It is often associated with a number of preparations and the constant questions – what to wear, do I look good enough, how can I be truly irresistible…?

I'm sure you're also familiar with that pleasant-frenzy preparation beforehand - thinking about your make-up, hair, clothes and shoes so that everything is truly perfect.

So - the moment is approaching. You have foreseen everything - your outfit is "perfected" to the last detail, and you are in all your glory and you feel fantastic. It's shaping up to be a perfect date, because you've thought of everything, and everything is beautiful, from your look to the weather outside. But then HE shows up and threatens to ruin your good time.

How is that possible?! Why right now?! INTESTINAL DISCOMFORT can completely derail your plans for a fantastic date. Don't let him!!!

Be prepared for any situation with Flora 8. A symbiotic with a proven beneficial effect for a he althy and balanced intestinal flora. Flora 8 from ABOPHARMA contains a complex of probiotics and prebiotics, supplying 8 billion bacteria from two specially selected strains. Suitable for everyday use, not only because of its beneficial effect, but also because of the irresistible delight of its captivating creme caramel taste.

beneficially affects the state of the intestinal tract in a number of disorders of the functions of the digestive system. Among them are the unpleasant constipation, bloating, pain, gas and diarrhea. Last but not least, Flora 8 stimulates the body's immunity and favors recovery when taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

It is also suitable during a diet or fasting, it does not contain sugar, milk, gluten, GMOs, preservatives and dyes.

And the best thing is that you can take Flora 8 anywhere and anytime without water, because it is available in a convenient form – individual sachets for direct consumption and extremely easy intake.

Intestinal discomfort can't derail your plans. Feel FLORAL, because without intestinal discomfort, your mood will always be fantastic!

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