5 daily mistakes that slow down the metabolism

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5 daily mistakes that slow down the metabolism
5 daily mistakes that slow down the metabolism

Metabolism is one of the key and most important mechanisms in our body. It depends on the he alth of the body, the susceptibility or not to various diseases, the digestibility of food elements, vitamins and minerals, as well as weight.

We often unknowingly make some mistakes in our daily life that slow down the metabolism. It happens unconsciously, and we blame everything else, but not ourselves.

Below in the text you will see some very common mistakes that most people make without realizing it and which significantly slow down the metabolism.

You're eating the wrong thing at breakfast

The start of the day is of great importance. Breakfast should be nutritious, rich in nutrients and give a lot of energy throughout the day, or at least for most of it.

The demonization of carbohydrates lately has led to making many bad mistakes in the diet and especially at breakfast. If you emphasize protein and fat at the expense of carbohydrates, you slow down your metabolism. Skipping breakfast and eating until noon is an even bigger mistake.

According to the nutritionist of the Hollywood stars Dr. Charles Pasler, avoiding carbohydrates at breakfast or insufficient intake of them is the basis of the slowing down of metabolic processes. If you neglect protein, you will lose some of your muscle mass in the long run. This also adversely affects the overall balance in the body and weight.

Dr. Pasler recommends generally following the 30/30/40 rule for protein, fat, and carbohydrates each morning, writes newbeauty.com.

Depriving yourself of sleep

Lack of sleep and insomnia worsen the metabolism of blood sugar and hormonal balance in the body, which leads to a slowdown in metabolism. If you want the diet and exercise you follow to have an effect, ensure enough rest for your body.

Yo-Yo Diets

Fast weight loss is a tempting solution when you want to reduce your weight sharply and urgently, but these diets have a very bad effect on the metabolism. They cause the body to switch to retention mode to protect itself from starvation due to the drastically reduced calorie intake. This automatically slows down the metabolism, and after returning to the normal diet, the body instantly replenishes what was lost. This is also the yo-yo effect of these diets.

You are not hydrating enough

Some people limit their water intake because they mistakenly think it will cause cellulite or extra weight. If you consume enough fruit and vegetable juices, as well as naturally diuretic foods and drinks, excess fluids will be removed from the body, and it will remain properly hydrated.

You don't pay attention to stress

High levels of stress in the body significantly slow down the metabolism and prevent a beautiful slim figure. To reduce stress, devote 20-30 minutes a day to exercise, move more outdoors whenever you have the opportunity, practice activities you enjoy, even change your workplace if you have to. All this will help you reduce stress, be more beautiful and slim, but most of all he althy.

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