10 ways to quit smoking

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10 ways to quit smoking
10 ways to quit smoking

Every smoker knows how difficult it is to even think about quitting, let alone actually do it. The habit, the addiction to holding the cigarette, the taste, the pleasure of lighting up while drinking your favorite coffee or alcoholic drink, talking with friends, is incomparable.

Although there is no smoker who is not aware of the harms of cigarettes, giving them up is an incredible challenge. Some succeed once, but most return to the bad habit sometimes even after years of abstinence.

To make quitting easier and painless, see some ways to quit smoking that can help you in this difficult ordeal important to your he alth.

Make an honest list of all the things you like and dislike about smoking

Stretch a white sheet of paper into two vertical halves. In one, write everything you like about smoking, and in the other, everything you don't approve of. Be completely honest with yourself and don't put any more points in the positive side of smoking box.

If you are brave enough, you can even add the opinion of your family and loved ones, what they don't like and like about smoking. Some of the answers may lead you to certain thoughts.

Make another list of why quitting won't be easy

In order to cope more easily, you must be aware of the difficulties that lie ahead. When a person knows what awaits him, he is more prepared and confident in his success and that he should not give up.

Decide on which date you will stop

Stopping smoking is like a contract with yourself. Every contract has a date on which it is concluded. Don't break the deal with yourself.

Write all your reasons for opting out

They may include your loved ones, your he alth, the smell of your clothes, your home. Anything you can think of.

Stop buying stacks

Once you've decided to quit smoking, don't load up on industrial quantities like before. Buy just one pack to have one or two cigarettes each to satisfy your nicotine cravings. Reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day. This predisposes.

Make a list of the times you allow yourself to smoke

Keep track of the number of cigarettes you smoke. Note only key moments when you feel like smoking a lot and save time for them. This way you will gradually reduce cigarettes to a minimum if you are not ready to stop them abruptly.

Make a list of things you will do when you feel like smoking too much

Believe it or not, there are a lot of different and fun things you can do that take your mind off the craving for a cigarette. Walking, sports, outdoor activities, cooking, cleaning, tidying up the home, more time to sleep. All this helps to set your mind on a new wave.

Quit when you're in a good mood

A positive attitude always helps. Smokers feel the greatest need for a cigarette when they have a problem, when they face a difficulty and when they are nervous. It is at these times that it is most difficult to quit smoking. Choose the positive emotion to start the new beginning.

When your contract date approaches, throw away anything that reminds you of smoking

This list includes lighters, matches, hidden stashes of cigarettes, ashtrays, even the lighter in the car.

Put the money for cigarettes in a piggy bank

Set aside the money you would otherwise spend to buy cigarettes. Collect them for a while before counting them. You'd be surprised how much you've been paying for this bad habit. This is a good motivation to maintain abstinence.

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