Things that happen to the body when you stop drinking alcohol

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Things that happen to the body when you stop drinking alcohol
Things that happen to the body when you stop drinking alcohol

You don't have to be an alcoholic for alcohol to have a harmful effect on your body. Many people drink a glass or two of wine, others are beer lovers. For many of them, the maxim "I can do without one beer, but I can't do it with only one" applies. Parties, meetings with friends, dinners with the loved one, birthdays, holidays - all these occasions are accompanied by alcohol in all its varieties. It inevitably affects our body and he alth. But what happens if we stop reaching for it? Some interesting changes occur in the body.

Sleep becomes deep and long

Alcohol negatively affects sleep, although many people mistakenly believe that if they drink a glass of wine before bed, for example, they will fall asleep more easily. This feeling is false. We usually feel sleepy after consuming alcohol because certain centers in the brain responsible for cheerfulness are suppressed. Falling asleep may happen faster, but it is short-lived, and in many cases sleep cannot reach a truly deep phase.

You will eat less at dinner

Imagine pouring yourself a large cold beer and while drinking it you are constantly reaching for the table. This also applies to other types of alcohol, of course, especially if they are consumed in company. In addition, alcohol itself is very high in calories. If you eliminate it from your diet for a while, you may even lose weight.

You will eat more sweets

If you're craving your favorite cocktail, but you've made a vow of abstinence, your brain will be desperate to get some dopamine to make you feel good again. Sweets and chocolate are an ideal vehicle for this purpose. The same will happen if you stop smoking.

Your skin will clear up

A few days after you have completely stopped drinking alcohol, chances are you will notice how your skin has started to lighten. The dark circles in the morning are getting smaller, the skin is starting to glow, it's less tight, and even the small wrinkles around your eyes have smoothed out.

This is because the moisture has returned to your skin and nourished it again. Alcohol, and especially its frequent use, dehydrates the whole body, and the skin also suffers from this.

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