8 Ways Kissing Makes You He althier

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8 Ways Kissing Makes You He althier
8 Ways Kissing Makes You He althier

Kissing is not just pleasant. It's the way we express our love.

Long and passionate kisses have another huge advantage, which makes it worth giving them more often. They are also good for he alth and make us happier. How?

Kissing boosts immunity

We associate kissing with the risk of exchanging bacteria and viruses. This is a fact, but it does not mean that kissing makes us sick, on the contrary. The touch of our partner's lips and tongue expands the microbiome in the oral cavity through the exchange of bacteria. This creates conditions for the immune system to build new defense mechanisms against a wider range of microorganisms. In this way, immune defenses are improved.

Kissing burns calories

According to some studies mentioned by rd.com, kissing burns 6 calories per minute. This is another great reason to do it more often to burn more calories per day.

Kissing helps facial muscles stay tight

Who wants to grow old prematurely? Nobody, of course. The tighter and more flexible our facial muscles are, the less wrinkles form.

Kissing relaxes and relieves stress

While kissing, oxytocin, the hormone of happiness, is released in our body. This natural biochemical helps increase endorphins in the body, which relieve stress and increase affection.

Kisses help to choose the most suitable partner

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to kissing. Some kisses we like, others not so much. According to how a person kisses, we can determine whether he is a suitable partner for us or not.

Passionate French kisses improve oral he alth

According to Dental He alth Magazine, passionate kissing stimulates saliva production. This helps to clean and neutralize the food particles and bacteria left in the interdental space.

Kissing reduces stress

There is nothing more relaxing, pleasant and relaxing than a long kiss. It increases serotonin and decreases cortisol in the body, suppressing stress and making us he althier and emotionally stable.

Reduces blood pressure

You've probably noticed that when you kiss someone you love, your heart rate goes up. This causes the walls of the blood vessels to relax, which also lowers blood pressure.

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