5 surefire symptoms of depression

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5 surefire symptoms of depression
5 surefire symptoms of depression

Difficulty getting out of bed. Severely lowered self-esteem. Fear of contact with other people. Worry about what to say, how you will be perceived, what they will think of you. Continuous isolation. These are just some of the symptoms of depression that strike with great force at sensitive people and those going through difficult times in their lives.

A huge percentage of people suffer from some degree of depression without realizing it. The reasons for unlocking this state are many and far from just being penniless. Research shows that people from developed countries with relatively high incomes suffer from depression.

Depressed people often deny their condition and refuse to accept it, even if someone hints that they have a problem. Depression is a multi-layered disorder and easily creeps into a person's psyche.

See some sure signs of depression.

Favorite hobbies stop exciting

When a person loses interest in things that used to excite him, it is definitely a symptom of high depression. When favorite hobbies begin to lose meaning, there is a high probability that depression is present. Losing your enjoyment of the little joys in life speaks volumes.

Frequent tantrums and anger

If a person's "wick" has shortened significantly and they start to lose control over the smallest thing, this may be a sign of depression. According to a 2013 study published in JAMA Psychiatry, severe irritability and anger were a symptom of depression in more than half of the cases studied.

Wake up early

Depression, anxiety and worry are closely related. These conditions do not give peace, even at night, because of which the sufferer wakes up very early in the morning sleep-deprived and tired. A very large proportion of patients have total insomnia or difficulty falling asleep.

Social Media Addiction

In the presence of depression, a person self-destructs mentally, gluing a look on social networks. There he sinks even more into his depression, observing the cheerful moments of others, their travels, parties, partying with friends. This false virtual environment causes even deeper depression because the sufferer feels miserable comparing themselves to their friends on the social network.

Weight Changes

Depression is characterized by significantly elevated levels of cortisol, the stress hormone secreted by the adrenal glands. It is also at the root of weight gain, hunger and lack of energy.

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