The most common dreams - what do they mean?

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The most common dreams - what do they mean?
The most common dreams - what do they mean?

Dreams are one of the most unsolved mysteries of the human brain. For centuries they have been given such unimaginable mystique that many even support the theory that dreams can also be prophetic.

Whatever they are provoked by, dreams carry their energy and often mean much more than we think. Unraveling them is the result of many years of research. What do the most common dreams mean?


Falling means that subconsciously something in your life is going in the wrong direction and you are aware of it deep inside, but without giving a clear account of it. It can be about finances, relationships, business or anything else. Usually, these dreams occur in those suffering from depression.

Death or illness

These dreams suit the emotionally wounded or those who fear pain. This means that, figuratively speaking, a part of you has died. Something is bothering you. Such dreams are a symbol of having to leave someone or something in real life.

Nudity and sex

Sexual dreams are a symbol of excitement and repressed desire. They often mean a desire for intimacy and sex. These dreams can also indicate awareness and personal growth, a dream or excitement about a new project. It can also mean looking forward to a new work engagement.


If you dream that your partner is cheating on you, this can become an occasion for you to start losing your trust in him. Cheating dreams usually come from doubts in the real world that you haven't fully realized.

You are trapped or lost

Being physically confined in a tight space is a common nightmare that many people have had at least once in their lives. It symbolizes an inability to make the right choice in life or a failed attempt to escape from something unpleasant.

Falling Tooth

This dream has nothing to do with oral hygiene, but it indicates that you have said words to someone that you should not have said. Some experts associate dreams about a tooth falling out with the fear of aging or being unattractive.


If you've always dreamed of flying, night is the time to do it. Usually these dreams are extremely real and create a feeling of incredible reality. They also mean that you are looking for ways to change, for freedom.


Such nightmares are very distressing and create a sense of impossible escape. The attacker is catching up with you more and more insistently, and you cannot escape. However, being chased in a dream is a positive dream because it means that you have to face something in your life. So – stop avoiding it!

You miss the plane or some other transport

This is a dream that reveals the unsatisfied needs in life. Also the opportunities you missed that were important. These dreams happen most often when you have to make a difficult decision.

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