Unforgettable Prince Quotes

Unforgettable Prince Quotes
Unforgettable Prince Quotes

In April this year, the music world lost a genius. The great Prince left a lasting mark as a musician and a person. Unique style, strong lyrics, boundless talent. He was freedom, an example of how you should be different, be yourself, regardless of the criticism you will receive.

Rediscovering his music, we also want to remember his most vivid statements. Today in our column "Proverbs and wisdom" we share some of them.

“Movies are real. The music is real. They influence people. They are real. Last night I witnessed how the DJ was able to control the entire hall. Even politicians can't do that."

“The most important thing in the world is to be honest with yourself, but I also love danger. This is what pop music is missing today. There is no excitement or mystery.”

“Too much freedom can lead to soul decay.”

“I had a huge ego when I was young. Huge. But that's not so bad. Because that way at least you have aspirations to become someone and something, you see yourself as big and successful because you want to be that way."


“Compassion is a word for action without limits.”

“No child is bad from the start. It just mimics the atmosphere around it.”

"A strong spirit trumps rules."

“I always cry for love, never cry for pain.”

"After the rain ends, a rainbow rises."

“I find freedom sexy. I can't even explain it to myself. You wake up every day and feel like you could do nothing.

“Music is music, after all. If it makes you feel good, great.”

"Love isn't love until it's gone."

“After all, no one can dictate who you are to other people.”

“I am not a woman. I'm not even a man. I am something you will never understand.

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