Nutrition and sports according to blood type

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Nutrition and sports according to blood type
Nutrition and sports according to blood type

In the dynamics of everyday life, we don't always pay attention to our diet, whether and how often we exercise. As a result, a number of ailments arise, we increase our body weight, we feel tense.

What is your blood type?

In the following lines, we share some guidelines on how to eat and exercise according to your blood type. Maybe this will make it easier for you to create a he althy plan for your daily life.

Blood type zero

It is good for people with this blood type to use their energy and physical capabilities for high-intensity exercise such as running, interval training, martial arts. Regular physical activity will help reduce your stress levels and boost your mood.

Although dynamic sports are more suitable for you, you can also try meditation, yoga, which will also keep you in balance, but also help you if you suffer from arthritis or chronic diseases.

In terms of nutrition, add animal products to your menu, but be careful with the consumption of dairy products and grains, as you tend not to digest them properly.

The leading cause of weight gain among people with type zero blood is gluten found in wheat products.

Blood type A

Unlike people born with blood type zero, in those with type A, intense exercise increases levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), leading to muscle fatigue and exhaustion.

That's why it's good to turn to more relaxing practices like yoga, tai chi or pilates, light aerobic exercise, walking to achieve emotional balance and control stress hormones.

If you are not vegan or vegetarian, it is good to add more fruits, vegetables to your menu and limit the intake of animal products.

Blood type B

If your blood type is B, you can focus on moderate group exercise such as lower intensity aerobics, strength training, tennis, swimming, cycling.

People with this blood type are distinguished by a he althy immune system and a tolerant digestive system and tend to resist many of the severe chronic degenerative diseases or at least get better from other blood groups. Since you have a high allergy threshold, you have a good tolerance for most foods.

Blood type AB

For people with this blood type, a combination of physical activities for blood types A and C works best. You need high intensity to get rid of the pent-up anger. On the other hand it is good to increase your strength and flexibility.

As for your menu, eating fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains and limiting red meat and dairy products will help you stay in good shape.

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