Sports according to blood type

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Sports according to blood type
Sports according to blood type

When we strive to lose weight and maintain a he althy weight, we first pay attention to the way we eat. We make food choices based on our preferences, body needs, as well as our blood type. And do you know which activities are suitable for your blood type?

Blood type zero

If your blood type is zero, then an intense exercise program would be suitable for you. You can try cardio activities like running, cycling, swimming, martial arts, crossfit. If you're just starting your exercise routine and these suggestions are too intense for you, try walking on a trail or in the park.

Start at a moderate pace, then gradually speed up. The main thing that makes exercise effective in people with zero blood type is an increased heart rate, which plays a key role in reducing stress, balancing your emotions and shedding extra pounds.

Blood type A

For people who are born with this blood type, the best activities are those that can bring them relaxation, relief from negative emotions, but are moderate or slow-paced, such as tai chi, aerobics and yoga. While these gentle exercises are best, that doesn't mean you can't try something more intense.

It is important that the activity you choose does not burden you emotionally. Highly competitive sports that strain your body and mind will stress you out more. Aim to train your breathing first and then your muscles. As you get used to this breathing pattern, you'll help your muscles release tension and tone them through flexibility-based movement.

Blood Type B

If your blood type is B, then the appropriate sports routine is one that is a balance between intense exercises for blood type 0 and relaxing ones, which are ideal for type A. If you decided to exercise 5 times a week for example, you can to do 3 times more intense training and 2 days with more relaxing ones. You can try swimming, jogging, yoga.

Whichever pattern you choose, combine exercises so that you have some that are more intense and others that balance your mind and body.

Blood type AB

People with blood type AB usually have the characteristics of type A and type B. Like type A, those born with AB will be able to relieve stress by practicing meditative activities. But from time to time they want something more dynamic than the activities of group B.

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