9 sign that you are an ambivert

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9 sign that you are an ambivert
9 sign that you are an ambivert

We are used to dividing the personality type in general into two - introverts and extroverts If you are melancholic, silent and quiet by nature, you probably define yourself as an introvert. If you are an extrovert, your personality is exuberant, bright, sociable and open to all kinds of contacts without worries. However, if you can't fit neatly into either of these two categories, you're most likely ambivert

Ambiverts are individuals who balance traits from both introverts and extroverts. They can communicate with a much wider range of people as well as remain silent and reserved without being labeled quiet and taciturn. The character of ambiverts is extremely colorful, which allows them to maneuver perfectly between sociability and solitude. They know how to speak engagingly, as they are good communicators, and listen carefully, which attracts the respect of others.

A characteristic of the personality of ambiverts is that they have a little bit of both types of temperament, but neither is dominant. Ambiverts are characterized by high emotional intelligence.

Ambiverts exhibit more introvert or extrovert traits depending on the situation. The temperament of the person with whom they communicate at a given time also matters. Ambiverts owe these abilities to the advantages their instincts give them. Their personality does not lean in any direction, and the situation makes them choose the most appropriate approach in the case. This enables them to connect with a wide range of personalities and more easily communicate with a greater diversity of people

What are the signs that you are an ambivert?

1. You can complete tasks both independently and in a team or as part of a group. You are equally good as a leader and as part of a team. You have no problem with authority figures, but you also radiate a strong character.

2. You do a great job of adapting to different types of social environments, but you also feel great when you're alone. Too long intensive communication with people exhausts you.


3. Being the center of attention is fun for you, but you don't prefer it to last forever. At some point you need some privacy.

4. Some people describe you as quiet and meek, but others think of you as outgoing and very funny. This is because you know how to communicate with different groups of people with different temperaments. You adapt very well to the peculiarities of their character and ways of communication.

5. You don't have to be constantly on the move like extroverts who are buzzing with energy. But you also don't like to relax for too long.

6. You can get lost in your own thoughts just as easily as you can relax in a conversation.

7. Small talk and general talk with colleagues or acquaintances doesn't make you feel uncomfortable, but it definitely gets boring fast.

8. When it comes to trusting people, you are very often skeptical, but there are also times when you trust much more easily than usual.

9. If you spend too much time alone, you get bored, but spending too much time around other people also drains and strains you.

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