The best workout according to personality type

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The best workout according to personality type
The best workout according to personality type

Have you started going to fitness at least 10 times? Every time you give up and feel guilty about your failure. Actually, it's not your fault and it's not because you don't have the will and motivation for a regular sports regimen. You just haven't found the right one for you sport

Training largely depends on your temperament. You give up the gym simply because it doesn't suit your personality type.

The appropriate type of workout depends largely on personality type. Not all exercise suits everyone, and it's no coincidence that many people give up on a sport because they haven't tried something else that probably fits their personality and temperament better.

See which workouts are suitable for your personality type.


If you are an extrovert, you are an energetic person who cannot sit still for long. Slow, long and leisurely workouts like yoga make you nervous and definitely not your type. That's why it's better to choose something vigorous, like high-intensity interval training, Zumba, boxing, or some team sport.



The right types of workouts for introverts are those that test endurance. These are swimming, running, cycling. In most cases, these are still individual sports that force you to be alone with your own thoughts and body. If you are surrounded by many people you do not feel well. That is why you definitely do not feel comfortable in the gym and quickly lose interest. Practices such as yoga and pilates are also suitable for introverts, although they involve participation in a group of people. However, this group is different because silence and solitude are part of these practices.

If you are an ambivert, your personality combines characteristics from the other two temperament types. Your personality traits place you somewhere in the middle, making you ideal for spin-type workouts that combine groups of people, high intensity, and strong motivation without the need for direct contact with others.

Creative Personality

If you define yourself as a creative person, you probably think outside the box and constantly come up with new and different ideas. That is why the gym does not suit you at all and does not satisfy you. More suitable activities for you are cycling in the nature, mountain climbing, running in the nature in the park, which stimulate your brain and maintain your endurance.

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